Ark: Survival Evolved Game

  • Developer: Studio Wildcard
  • Genre: Gaming
  • Version: 2.0.18
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Official information

Release Date June 14, 2018
Developer Studio Wildcard
Publisher Studio Wildcard
Genre Gaming
Language English, French, Arabic, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Italian, Japanese
System Windows PC, iOS, Mac, Android, Linux
Version 2.0.18


ARK: Survival Evolved Review - Let's Ride a T-Rex

ARK: Survival Evolved is a survival game set in the prehistoric environment. Here you have to fight for your life by all means necessary, craft weaponry and equipment, unlock technologies, fend off little and gargantuan predators and also subdue and tame dinosaurs. Download ARK: Survival Evolved to taste your guts.

Ark: Survival Evolved


ARK game is absolutely stellar. Although it's meant to be a massive online game as well - hosting 100 players at the same time - its looks are nearly as good as those of Far Cry Primal. Details of the surroundings are very well-designed. If you look closer, you'll see every blade of grass, flowers, pebbles, sand, etc. The water, wind, reflections, light flares - those effects are on a high level too.

However, the models of prehistoric beasts are the central exhibit in the ARK free game. And their appearance and roars are very plausible and very intimidating. Dilophosaurus, Megapiranha, the Troodon,Titanoboa - they look like paleontology book illustrations that became alive. And just smelled your presence.

But fps stutters and shadows/lighting effects being "sluggish" sometimes, still, let you know that it's just a game.


Ark: Survival Evolved free game starts in a location called "ARK" where you are naked and unarmed. You must use your brains and inventiveness in order to stay alive during your first hours. And it includes:

  •  Making clothes, primitive armor.
  •  Crafting weapons.
  •  Building a shack.
  •  Scouting the area.
  •  Keeping the fire burning etc.

As you progress by hunting/gathering stuff, you can level up. It is possible via buying engrams - they are "blueprints" of the technologically more advanced stuff. You begin with a stone ax, then unlock arrows and bow, then you can finally get some gunpowder. It goes on until you get the modern flame-throwers, rocket-launchers, machine guns, night-vision binoculars, etc.

Besides, you can lure, weaken and feed other dinosaurs to make them your pets. You, armed with a mini-Gatling gun, on top of a Stegosaurus, are a force to be reckoned with.

In the campaign mode, you get to deal with some formidable bosses: fire-breathing Dragon, giant Broodmother, Megapitechus, and others. Defeating them will let you get some rare goodies, tame certain bosses and also learn what the hell is going on here and what those alien-like objects floating in the air could be...


ARK feels pretty easy to control, as it's a survival/shooter game. Weapons and inventory can be accessed quickly, and luckily there is no clutter. On Xbox X = reloading, Y = body-dragging, pressed R = proning etc.

Replay Value

ARK has hours of gameplay and dozens of dinos to defeat and tame. Let alone its back-story exploration is a must. ARK will make you want to return, no doubt. ARK: Survival Evolved download this game would not disappoint you, it definitely is worth a try. At least for a chance, it gives you to snipe pterodactyls on top of your Stone Age mansion.


This ARK: Survival Evolved review can be brief. But the game is obviously legendary. It has some nuisance parts - slow grinding, low dino IQ, etc. But at the same time that survival game knows how to keep you on your toes and make you look over your shoulder once again. Just in case.


  • Arduous grinding
  • Dinos aren't very smart
  • Occasional fps problems


  • Stellar graphics
  • Tamable dinosaurs
  • Intriguing plot
  • Intense survival





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